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Rockingham Precast focuses on Concrete Precast and Prestress tasks for VDOT and commercial structure projects. Unlimited Storage area and Capacity - Jensen Precast grease interceptors are available for any capacity needed. Our creation methodsmake it possible for us to make a Grease Interceptor for just about any application imaginable. If plastic sounds like it's a winner, check out Global's rotomoulded local septic tanks on offer and present us a ask 1800 666 333 to go over your requirements.
Precast parking composition showing an inside column, girders and double-tee structural flooring surfaces. The two gray circles are features to close the lifting anchor holes. Subscribe to obtain our newsletter and other Armtec posts including products, reports and webinars. Septic tanks will be the first vital aspect of the onsite wastewater treatment system. The septic container, used in conjunction with one of the numerous treatment and dispersal options comprises a full onsite wastewater treatment system.
Unsure which precast concrete septic tank or water fish tank is right for you? Contact us with your enquiry and Deco Precast will see the best answer for you. Completely warranted components - supported by the longest warrantee and exchange program in the industry. Armtec is also a distributor of the FAST (set activated sewage treatment) System - a low-profile septic system that will require 1/3 less tile field than traditional septic systems. On a per litre basis, FAST offers one of the most cost-effective and reliable treatment procedures available.
A standard septic tank line is also designed for applicable residential jobs. There are both the seamless water tight design and also the Tom's gasketed lid design which you may have ordered before. Durable, reliable components installed securely below quality - no exposed ability cords, compressors, filtration systems or air lines accessible to children or house animals.concrete septic tank lid replacement
The tanks are very heavy. While this may be considered a negative by some, we believe it is one of the biggest advantages over other materials. A precast cement septic tank will never float” to the surface as some lighter weight tanks can do using situations. Subscribe: Unless you want to bring your iPad in to the bathroom, we can send you a mag subscription for free!

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